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Doodle Physics is puzzle gaming with imagination [Android Game Reviews]

The typical physics game presents a target and object, then tells the player to get the two together. There’s usually only one or two ways to do that effectively and earn a lot of points, but Doodle Physics…

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Catch The Coins: When good ideas go bad [Game Review]

If you are a regular reader of Androinica, then you should know that I am a lover of physics games. I have accomplished 3 stars on every Angry Birds level, beaten all the puzzles in Cut the Rope, and even played the h…

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Wisp: A Fairy Wonderland of Physics Fun [Game Review]

After looking over the list of apps I have installed on my phone, I realize that I may have a problem. I think that I am addicted to physics games. I started with Angry Birds and its variations. Then, I moved on to Cut…

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