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The infamous Meizu M9 shows its specs as well as possible a ship date

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Spoiler alert; the Meizu M9 is a China only phone, for the time being. Having said that, today we finally got to see some specs for the infamous Meizu M9 Android device as the official site launched. With the specs…

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It’s official: Samsung Continuum comes to Verizon Wireless November 18

Well it is official folks. After a few weeks of leaks, pics, and rumors we finally have the official word on Samsung and Verizon’s next superphone, the Samsung Continuum. The Continuum is the next phone i…

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Samsung introduces the Orion: a dual-core CPU that blows the Hummingbird out of the water

Samsung’s Hummingbird chipset is able to process a whopping 90 million triangles per second, three times more than the iPhone 3GS, and it’s still the fastest Cortex-A8 CPU available for mobile devices. Now Sa…

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