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HTC revamping website, deleting user data after April 30

1 was supposed to be a big value-added feature for HTC. When announced in September 2010, the website was pitched as an automatic back-up for contacts, call logs, text messages, and geo-tagged pho…

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Is HTC working on its own app market?

The Financial Times is reporting today that HTC is hiring staff in order to prepare for the launch of a potential app market that would sell apps and e-books – all according to a couple of insiders that are f…

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HTC is live and (almost) open for business

The new is live and available, even though there aren’t yet any phones on the market capable of taking full advantage of it. But of course, that didn’t stop me from trying to register o…

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HTC unveils an online enhancement of the Sense experience

At today’s HTC press event in London, the company is apparently announcing more than hardware since it has also unveiled an online enhancement of the Sense experience in the form of The website i…

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