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How to alphabetize apps in the Samsung Fascinate app drawer with a hack

The Samsung Fascinate is mostly a great phone; of course, you should already know that if you read our Samsung Fascinate review. And you should also know that I’m not a fan of the launcher because it doesn&…

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Samsung Fascinate Review: Verizon’s prettiest and perplexing phone

The Samsung Galaxy phones are appropriately named. One is captivating, another is vibrant, and one has the features to warrant its epic moniker. In a similar vein, Verizon’s offering for the Galaxy S truly is a…

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How to make the Samsung Fascinate more Google, less Bing

So you were thrilled to finally get the Samsung Fascinate and have some Galaxy S goodness on Verizon. I bet the excitement level dropped a little bit when you discovered that the Fascinate comes pre-Binged out w…

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Samsung Fascinate buy-one, get-one on Verizon with new contract

Today is day one of sales for the Samsung Galaxy S phone for Verizon, the Fascinate, and Verizon and Samsung are playing for keeps. If you jump over to Verizon’s sight you can get a sweet buy-one, get-one fr…

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Samsung ships (not sold) 1 million Galaxy S devices to U.S.

It’s rare that you get concrete numbers from carriers and phone makers, but Samsung sent out a press release today proudly claiming that it has shipped 1 million devices to the United States. That’…

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