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Motorola finally confirms official Droid Bionic specs

It seems like an eternity ago when the Droid Bionic graced our presence for the first time at the CES event. Since then, Motorola has delayed the Bionic over and over again for improvements to its form factor. And…

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Verizon offers “Back To School” discounts [Deal Alert]

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Verizon announced on Thursday that they are offering 3 phone deals in a “Back To School” program. The phones in question are the DROID 3, DROID X2, and the Xperia Play. While the prices for the first…

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Motorola Droid 3 officially named first Android phone of Verizon tiered data era

Verizon ended its era of unlimited data pricing today, just in time for the company to introduce the Motorola Droid 3. Carrying the torch for the first Verizon Android phone released in 2009 that jumpstarted An…

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