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Beautiful Widgets 4.0 adds multi-city forecasts, online Skins Market, and skin mixer

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Beautiful Widgets has reached 4.0 status, bringing with it the ability to remix existing skins and browse the library of choices online. Beautiful Widgets 4.0 has added some Ice Cream Sandwich browsing eleme…

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Bring Tron Legacy to your Android homescreen with themes and wallpapers

Tron is one of the quintessential geek films of history, and history is about to repeat itself when Tron Legacy debuts in theaters December 17. And while you might be too busy playing with your new Nexus S to care a…

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How to create gorgeous homescreen layouts with LauncherPro Plus and Desktop Visualizer

It’s commendable how versatile, customizable and open Android is, unlike some other mobile platforms, and nearly every aspect of the OS can be personalized. Many people, me included, want their phone…

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