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I survived the Android Market Blackout, and all I got was this Android toy [CONTESTS]

The Android Market crashed hard on October 28, 2010. A Twitter Search query of “Android Market down,” revealed that the problems started periodically for some as far back as October 24. However,…

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Limited edition Android figures coming this Halloween; win free standard edition here

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DYZplastic is ramping up to release a limited edition Android figurine this Halloween. The Power Vampire collectible brings Android into the realm of the living dead with a scary design. It follows DYZplasti…

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Android App Reviews

Keep Track of What You Own With Shelves [App Reviews]

Shelves is an application that is quite new on the Market, and it’s designed to let you manage your various collections straight from your Android device, such as movies, video games, books, gadgets and albums…

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