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Asus Padfone officially unveiled, still a lot of details kept under wraps

The Asus Padfone concept has been introduced almost a year ago and, after months and months of seemingly endless speculations and rumors, we finally have some official news to give you. The Padfone has just bee…

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Asus is expected to unveil the Padfone tablet/smartphone product at MWC

The concept of the Asus Padfone is certainly an interesting one and was initially introduced a year ago, but will be fully unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Essentially, the Padfone produ…

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ASUS Padfone counters Atrix 4G with an Android Phone/Tablet hybrid

ASUS has an undeniable hit on its hands with the Android Honeycomb-powered Transformer tablet that can become a laptop. The company hopes to see similar success with a new phone that can become a tablet. The ASU…

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