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Motorola says the inevitable, older devices won’t receive new Android updates

Earlier today Motorola made the announcement that four of their last-gen Android devices will no longer be receiving Android updates, essentially being “stuck” with their current Android bui…

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Dell Streak gets a long awaited Android 2.2 update

In an attempt to make the The Dell Streak relevant before the holiday season is over, Dell and AT&T are finally bringing it the Android 2.2 update users have been waiting for. When the Dell Streak was release…

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Android Apps

How to Move Apps to the SD Card on Android Froyo the Easy Way with SDMove

If you finally have gotten your much-awaited OTA Froyo update, after obsessively having pressed the “Check now” button for a couple of hours (at least that’s what I did), there are a couple…

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Android OS

Android distribution chart update: more than 55% of Android phones now run version 2.1

It’s always good news to see the latest Android version numbers, especially when one version holds the majority of the entire distribution. According to the official Android Developers site, over 55%…

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