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March 21, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Andru by Gen

The problem with standard smartphone chargers is the fact that they are boring and bland.  How cool would it be if each Android smartphone came with a specially designed charger in the shape of an Android?  Fortunately, Gen (a division of Salom in America) has come up with a solution that is sure to please Android enthusiasts.  Dubbed Andru, this little product depicted above is an alternative charger for your phone.  While it comes bundled with a standard micro USB charger, you can technically attach any charging cable into its head.

The specific model I reviewed is the standard Andru model in green.  However, Gen also sells Andru Dark (which offers a black matte finish) and Andru Chill (which offers a white matte finish).

Basically, Andru is miniature Android robot with a USB female port on the top of its head.  Since it comes included with a USB data cable, you can easily attach the cable into its head and plug the micro USB end into your phone for charging.  Once it is plugged into a socket, the device emits a white standby color.  When Andru is actually charging a phone, it emits a blue color through its eyes.  Overall, the product is pretty interesting and represents a neat desk companion.

If you do not want to keep Andru constantly plugged into the wall, then you can put it in its stand and keep it on your desk.  Andru does not offer any specific advantages over a standard wall charger; it is simply a cute figurine to use instead of the conventional boring charger.  Oh, and, the arms and antennae actually move!

In terms of specific technical details, the device measures out at 2.5 inches tall, inputs 120~240V AC, outputs 5V/1A DC, and the micro USB cable is 1.2m in length.

The bottom line with Andru is it is a great alternative charger especially if you prefer novelty Android products.  If you really do not care what kind of charger you use, then shelling out $25 for Andru is probably not the best idea.  However, if you like creative products or desire an extra charger on hand, then Andru is something worth checking out.

The product retails for $25 and can be purchased online through the Gen web store or through Amazon.  The relevant purchase links can be found below.

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