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ZTE announces Grand S will debut in U.S. with undisclosed partner carrier

January 11, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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ZTE Grand S

At CES 2013, ZTE took to the stage to introduce its flagship smartphone known as the Grand S.  At the time of announcement, ZTE informed the audience that it will initially launch in China sometime during Q1.  Fortunately for ZTE fans residing in countries other than China, it appears the Grand S will launch in markets other than China.  Most notably, Lixin Cheng, head of North America business for ZTE, confirmed that the Grand S will arrive in the United States.

Unfortunately, ZTE declined to comment on when the 5 inch device running Jelly Bean will make its American debut, but I imagine it will take place in Q1 or Q2 at the latest.  Also, Cheng declined to announce whether it would partner with one of the four major carriers, hook up with a regional carrier, or simply be sold as an unlocked device.  In the past, Sprint has carried ZTE products, so there is a possibility ZTE will connect with Sprint in order to sell the device as a CDMA LTE smartphone.

If ZTE can sell the Grand S in America under $100, it will definitely have a fighting chance against Samsung and Apple.  More details on the Grand S can be found here.