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LG Optimus G: One million units sold, heads to Europe and China in Q1

January 18, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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We have some solid news coming out of LG camp earlier today — the manufacturer managed to sell one million units of its flagship LG Optimus G Android smartphone.  With availability of the Optimus G in the United States, Korea, Canada, and Japan, one million units sold is a great feat for the company.  Unfortunately, the Optimus G is having a hard time eating away sales from the Galaxy S III and iPhone, but it has otherwise been a successful launch.

In other news, the Optimus G is expected to launch in a couple of other major markets in the next couple of weeks.  Specifically, the Optimus G will launch in Europe and China, which are two major markets and will allow the Optimus G gain exposure to many other customers.

The sales report and new market announcements comes amid a rumor circulating that LG is preparing an Optimus G Pro smartphone.  I wouldn’t be surprised if sales slowed for the Optimus G in order to see if the Optimus G Pro pans out.  Again, we’re looking for LG to make quite a splash at MWC 2013.