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Huawei Ascend D2 pushes innovation with quad-core processor, 5 inch 1080p display

January 7, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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huawei ascend d2

In case the Huawei Ascend Mate with its giant 6.1 inch 720p display isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then Huawei wants to interest you in its other flagship device known as the Ascend D2.

Instead of being marketed as a phablet, the Ascend D2 is more of a conventional Android smartphone with a high-resolution 5 inch display and it runs Android 4.1.  The strongest aspect of the Ascend D2 is arguably its display, which is a full 1080p display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

Other specs include a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 13MP rear facing camera, 3000 mAh battery, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, and operates on Android 4.1.

As of now, it is scheduled to launch in China later this month in crystal black and pure white.  In addition, it will grace Japan at some point in the future.  Whether or not it launches in other markets remains to be seen.