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Estimates suggest Nexus 4 sold 375,000 units since launch

January 3, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Unsurprisingly, LG and Google have been tight-lipped about how many Nexus 4 units have been sold since it launched.  However, some clever members of XDA-Developers have tried counting how many units were sold based on serial numbers.

The serial numbers present on each Nexus 4 device presents the month, year, and location of its production.  Based on this information, the users estimate that 70,000 were produced in October, 90,000 were produced in November, and 210,000 were produced in December.  Given the Nexus 4′s immense popularity, it is sort of surprising that LG is producing at such a low mark per month.  Every time the device becomes available in the Play Store, it sells out very, very quickly.  With these numbers in mind, it appears only 375,000 devices were sold (but of course this is just an estimate).

The numbers do prove that low unit production is capping the amount of Nexus 4 units sold.  The device is highly coveted and sought after, but Google and LG are unable to keep up with demand.  Here’s to hoping Google and LG manage to fix the supply issue and provide a Nexus 4 smartphone to those who want one.