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AT&T’s Galaxy Note II scheduled to receive multi-window update tomorrow

December 26, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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One feature missing from the launch of the Galaxy Note II by Samsung in the United States has been the multi-window feature.  Fortunately, Samsung has worked closely with several carriers in the United States (most recently T-Mobile) in order to rectify the situation.  According to an official statement sent to Engadget, AT&T is going to roll out an update for the phablet device starting tomorrow, December 27th.

The update, as the title indicates, will contain the necessary package for the multi-window feature.  Basically, the feature allows you to run two apps simultaneously.  Each app takes up half the display (as the default setting), but that is easily customized.   I used the feature before, and it works pretty well, assuming you want to view apps at once.

Users can expect to receive an OTA notification beginning tomorrow.