The Tiny Bang Story – Hand-drawn, colorful puzzles to bend and twist your mind [Game Review]

September 19, 2012 | by Ben Crawford

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Evaluated version: 1.0.8

Pros: Pretty graphics, simple to pick up and play

Cons: Short, Installation process

The Tiny Bang Story has been out for PC for a while now, but just got released to the Google Play store a few weeks ago. It’s a great port with a beautiful hand-drawn art style, and Android certainly needs as many of these games as possible. Made by Herocraft, makers of Farm Frenzy and a Top Developer, The Tiny Bang Story is a brain-teasing puzzler and hidden object game. It has all the necessary features like puzzle pieces and mini-games with a very soothing soundtrack and a beautifully drawn world.

In a semi-steampunk world, an asteroid strike has demolished the landscape into puzzle pieces, and it’s your duty to put it all back together. You’ll have to complete five levels with multiple scenes to find all the puzzle pieces and put the world back together. There’s no textual help and very little story beyond what’s in the description of the game so it’s up to you to figure it all out. There are a few places where you may get stumped for a while, but The Tiny Bang Story does a good job of not ever leaving you too stranded.

The gameplay for The Tiny Bang Story is a fairly simple point-and-click adventure. Even the mini-games won’t test your dexterity or speed that much so you can relax and enjoy the game at your leisure. For this reason, The Tiny Bang Story is great for the mobile platform. You can pick it up, find a few puzzles pieces, figure out a brain-teaser, then put it down for a while without losing any progress or having to finish the level. As you begin the game, you’ll come across puzzle pieces scattered throughout the level. Some are easy to spot while others are blended into the background. There are about 25 puzzle pieces in each level, 125 in total, and you have to fit these together at the end of each level to put the world of The Tiny Bang Story back together. The mini-games themselves are really just to help you find all the puzzle pieces.

The brain teasers are an amalgamation of flipping pictures, matching numbers, and turning maps to allow you to open chests or hidden rooms. This doesn’t stray from the norm, but some puzzles will stretch your mind muscles and leave you confused longer than you should be. Even the devilish Venn Diagram puzzles only have so many options; you just have to keep turning until it falls into place. You can also get hints by swatting the bugs on the screen, but I found that takes almost as much time as scouring the screen. The artwork and soundtrack are worth the price of admission alone. While you’re stuck trying to solve the map puzzle, enjoy the serenity of the sounds pestering you with their simplicity.

The only drawback I had for the game was the installation process. It took a few tries and crashed often at the beginning before the game finally took off. I noticed a few of the same remarks in the Play store reviews. After you buy the game, you’ll have to install about 100mb of data which doesn’t finish properly sometimes so you’ll have to start over. Even though the game took me about 4.5 hours, I felt it could have had another planet that you needed to puzzle together. The atmosphere and graphics lend themselves well to extra levels, and I would love to see Herocraft expand this world.

The Tiny Bang Story is a must-play if you’re at all interested in casual or puzzle games. There’s nothing devious about the mind games, but Herocraft has put a great atmosphere, game, soundtrack, and world together which makes The Tiny Bang Story one of the tops in the Puzzle class. You can get the game in the Play store for $2.99.