iLuv MobiAir Speaker Dock – A dock and speaker system to setup your Android in any room for any party [Accessory Review]

September 8, 2012 | by Ben Crawford

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Evaluated version: iMM377

Pros: Clarity, easy setup, great design

Cons: No batteries for mobile use, may be awkward

I received a few iLuv devices for review this past week, and I am really enjoying them. With my Galaxy Nexus, I tested the MobiAir Bluetooth Speaker Dock. iLuv has won many design and innovation awards, and the MobiAir Speaker Dock shows why iLuv is so popular. Even with some features missing I would have liked to see, these iLuv accessories have left me very impressed. I’ve separated the review for this dock and speaker combo from the other accessories so look for them in the next few days.


MobiAir Bluetooth Speaker Dock


This speaker and dock works wonderfully. The design is discrete rectangular box with a matte black finish and a small brushed silver lining at the bottom. At the back of the  speakers you have the AC adapter plugin and an auxiliary input with the playback controls on the top for easy access. There’s a mic on the top for phone calls along with volume controls, play/pause, fast forward/rewind, power, bluetooth, and Call buttons. The speakers, dock, and a couple lights are on the front for obvious reasons.


Setup is completely simple. Plug the speakers in, turn it on, and press the bluetooth button to pair with your phone. My phone found and paired in seconds, and I didn’t need to do anything else. It worked perfectly. I do wish the speakers had a PIN that you had to put into your phone to pair, for security’s sake, but I don’t think there’s much harm coming from the dock, maybe someone just connects and interrupts your smooth jazz listening pleasure. There’s a white light to show the power’s on, and a red light to show that you’re pressing a button or pairing through bluetooth. The red light is convenient to show, by not blinking, when you’re at the highest or lowest volume.


iLuv has created, on the front of the device, an ingenious docking system. For Android devices, it’s very difficult to design a dock because of the various whereabouts of the micro-USB inputs. My Fascinate’s input is on the top, my Incredible 2 and Xperia Play are different sides, and my Galaxy Nexus is on the bottom. However, the MobiAir dock allows for all these designs to work effortlessly. The dock’s micro-USB plug can turn around to accommodate any device’s preference, and it can slide itself to different lengths to find the perfect spot for your device. The arms, meanwhile, flex up and down to keep your device in place whichever orientation you have it. Unfortunately, slim devices won’t press against the back of the dock so there’s a small gap between the device and the dock. It’s not a precarious position, but when you touch your phone, it will move back and forth a little bit. A few phones may also have the micro-USB port at the top, like my Fascinate, which puts your phone in a strange position with the dock. The phone still works well, it’s just in an awkward place. Being a dock, this device doesn’t just hold your device, but charges it too so no worrying about your phone dying.


The clarity from the speakers is great. I can hear my music and podcasts clearly even while my air conditioning is on. Its volume levels have a great variance and the max volume is probably loud enough for a small party. The speakers doesn’t produce much bass or have any EQ settings with them, but I think more bass would have dampened the clarity and EQ settings can be adjusted with multiple apps from the Play store. You can also take and make calls from the speakers with the mic on top of the device. It seamlessly goes from playing music to making phone calls.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there were just a few features I would have liked included. The speakers and dock are easily small enough to be a mobile solution so batteries for portability would have been great instead of only being powered by an AC adapter. Also, the ability to push the micro-USB input in-and-out to help with too slim or too fat devices could solve the minor gap between your phone and the dock.

All in all, the MobiAir Speaker Dock is a great solution if you need speakers, a phone dock, or both. It’s priced at $119.99 on iLuv’s website and $71.96 on Amazon.