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Google Translate for Android updated to v2.5, offers several new features

August 9, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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google translate v2.5

The Google Translate app in the Play Store has an update waiting for you to install, and I suggest you install it soon because it offers some great new features.  When travelling abroad, there are many signs, menus, posters, etc. that are hard to understand since it is in a different language, but Translate is now able to help.

If you come across a sign that you do not understand, simply fire up the Translate app, take a picture of it, and select which text you want to be translated.  Assuming you are running Android 2.3 with a stable network connection, Google will spit back the translation.

The other features found in the latest update include instant translation results, dialect preferences, and improved support for Japanese handwriting.  Google Translation version 2.5 is available for you to update in the Play Store right now.  Be sure to bring along this app if you plan on travelling soon.

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