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Google to update Google Maps for Android to improve public transportation experience

August 15, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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maps 6.10 update

Google announced earlier today that its Map service now contains scheduling information for a million mass transit stops in 500 cities across the world.  To make this information even more accessible and useful for its users, the Google Maps for Android is about to be updated to version 6.10, which will include this new information as well as some minor enhancements to make traveling easier.

To begin, the Transit Lines Layer will only display the mode of transportation you wish to take while making the other options invisible.  This is especially helpful when various transportation options clutter around a certain area making the option you wish to take hidden under the lines of other routes.

Station pages are now smarter and better organized as they will now offer information on lines serving the station, distance to other stations, and times of departure.

Other fixes include highlighting the region of  a certain city when searched, improved My Places section, and the ability to enable Location History to keep tabs on all the places you’ve visited.

Since Google announced the changes for the Maps for Android application today, I imagine we will see the update drop in the Play Store in the next couple of days.

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