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Google Now update brings support for public alerts, movie listings, and sport preferences

August 29, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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A recent update to Google Search in the Google Play Store brings several notable changes to the Google Now portion of the app — which is only available to Android 4.1 users.  The functionality of Google Now is already impressive, but the latest update enhances its capabilities across three main areas.

Beginning with movie showtimes, if you search for a movie, a Google Now card will populate with information on the movie such as where it is playing.  In addition, your device can alert you to watch the movie if you are near a theater.  As per the sports update, users can now manually select their favorite sports team and a card will contain the information and continue to update it in real-time.  The last update has to do with public service alerts, which could be critically important if you live in an area susceptible to natural disasters.

Users running Android 4.1 can go ahead and install the update now as it will bring greater functionality to Google Now.

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