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Android 4.0 now running on 15.9% of all devices, Jelly Bean only 0.8%

August 2, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

Android News


About a month ago, we noted that Android 4.0 was on approximately 1 in 10 Android devices, or 10.9% to be exact.  Based on another stat recently released by Google, Android 4.0 now accounts for 15.9% of Android devices.  While growth is always a good sign, the numbers for Gingerbread are still alarmingly high and Jelly Bean has barely scratched the surface.

More specifically, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) accounts for 60.6% of Android devices and, by comparison, last month’s Gingerbread statistic was 64%.  While Gingerbread’s share of Android devices is certainly shrinking and ICS is growing, I would like to see the numbers increase in magnitude and hopefully see ICS become a majority soon.

In terms of Jelly Bean, it barely reached a percentage point in Google’s 2 week survey of the Play Store.  The GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus S, and Motorola XOOM WiFi are the only devices at this time running Android 4.1.  Hopefully, Android 4.1 and Android 4.0 will continue to grow in months to come.

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