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VLC Android app beta hits Google Play, doesn’t play with U.S. and Canadian phones

July 2, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Entertainment, Multimedia


VLC has a reputation among desktop apps for being the media player capable of playing practically anything. No matter what file format or media codec, open it in VLC and there’s a good chance that it will play. That kind of format flexibility could really come in handed on mobile devices, so you should probably be excited to see that a beta version of VLC for Android is now in Google Play.

Don’t get excited if you live in North America, however, because the you won’t be able to use the app. Earlier today, VideoLAN tweeted out a link announcing that the VLC for Android Beta is available now, but jokingly said it “might kill your kittens and start the Mayan Apocalypse.” It then followed up with a tweet saying that the beta is not available in USA and Canada. It is expected that Americans and Canadians will gain support when the full version of the app is out

VLC BETA works only for NEON CPU devices, but versions for VPlayer for my mobile video needs, but I will give VLC Player a try just because of legacy and adoration that I’ve built up over the years. Head to Google Play and see if the app is compatible with your device and let me know if you think the full version will be worth switching to in the future.

[Download from Google Play]