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Quick brings synergy to selling process on craigslist, eBay, and its own marketplace

July 17, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



A new marketplace has arrived for people looking to sell their personal items. But rather than rely only on other users of the app, it also makes it easy to list an item on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook and Google shopping – all without ever forcing you to go to each individual website and repeat the same steps repeatedly.

The easy way to connect with nearby buyers is to list a product in the Quick mobile marketplace, which will use your location to find buyers in your city who express an interest in the product. But that would keep you away from the millions of people who log on to other marketplaces online each day, so Quick let’s users list a product on all websites directly from their Android phone. The app can cross-post to other networks and increase both visibility and sales potential. Thanks to the ability to scan a barcode for a product listing or take a picture and manually enter in information, your product can be on all the major seller sites within minutes.

Quick then keeps an eye on everything by providing analytics that might help a seller refine the listing, and keep track when an item is sold. For instance, someone can set-up a Buy It Now option on eBay and a regular listing on Craigslist or Facebook. Quick knows to remove all listings once the eBay buyer sends an approved payment, so sellers don’t have to go back and manually get rid of their many listings.

The downside is that Quick isn’t as all encompassing for buyers. The Android app can browse only items listed within the Quick app for Android, meaning you can’t use this as the option to browse all the market places at once. “Quick doesn’t take data in,” Doug Brenhouse, co-founder told me in a phone briefing. “It pushes data out to prevent noise.”

It’s understandable why the app doesn’t pull in listings (the other markets can be touchy about people taking buyers away from their website) but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. At the moment, the market just isn’t mature enough to rely solely on Quick. For example, the only four items in my immediate area. Quick will need to encourage more sellers to use the app, and perhaps the ebay/Craigslist support might be the way to populate more local listings and improve the buying experience further down the road.

There are some other benefits to using Quick, including

  • Instant messaging – Buyers can contact Quick sellers and maintain privacy as they negotiate a sale or meeting. It’s a faster way than trading emails.
  • Friends-only pricing – Sellers can establish a price but give friends a discount. Businesses can create Loyalty programs for people who like their Facebook page.
  • Automated description – Users can scan a barcode to get a pre-designed product description that can have a listing up in less than 1 minute. There are also templates for eBay and image hosting for Craigslist ads.

[Download from Google Play]