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Google Play Books launches in France, raises Euro bookworm tally to 5

July 18, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google announced today that it is now able to hock eBooks for customers in France, instantly opening up a new storefront with millions of books to read though the Google Play Store.

Books in Google Play were previously unavailable in France because of licensing and commercial concerns with publishers in the country. But with a lengthy legal dispute now settled, Google is able to sell digital books, including bestsellers and classics from French authors like Antonin Varenne and Dominique Sylvain.

The inclusion of France increases the ranks of European countries with access to Google Books to five (Germany, Italy, Spain, UK). It’s been an incredibly drawn out process to get more content available globally, but Google is starting to trickle out in more places this year. Though the U.S. is still the only place with complete access to apps, movies, music, and magazines in Google Play, at least one country is one step closer to getting a complete ecosystem.

The Google Play Android app should be updated shortly to reflect the new store, if it hasn’t already. French users can also head to the online version of Google Play to begin browsing and buying books, which should be readable within the Play Books app on Android phones and tablets (also readable online).