Google Nexus Q now shipping within 2-3 weeks as a result of low stock

July 25, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

Accessories, Android Devices


Yesterday, we reported that the Google Nexus Q, a streaming Android player, officially began shipping from the Google Play Store.  Unfortunately, its launch lasted barely a day as it is now listed as “ships soon” in the Play Store.  More specifically, the Nexus Q is shipping within 2-3 weeks from the Play Store after initial pre-orders went out for shipment.

It’s hard to fully explain why the Nexus Q quickly jumped from shipping within a couple of days to shipping in a couple of weeks.  Perhaps many customers quickly jumped at the Nexus Q once they knew it started shipping, or the stock was incredibly low that it only took several hundred orders to deplete the stock.  I like to hope it is the former, but it makes more logistical sense that Google produced a low amount of devices to gauge consumer reaction before spending thousands of dollars in investment.

I expect the Google Nexus Q to be back in stock soon enough, but for now, you may place an order in the Play Store and it will hopefully ship out within 2-3 weeks as listed.

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