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Google Fiber offers ridiculously fast Internet & TV in Kansas City, uses Nexus 7 as a remote

July 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Kansas City residents have a new home connectivity option in Google Fiber, a new home internet and television service that pushes the limits of what users typically expect from their providers.

Google Fiber delivers up to a gigabit per second upload and download speeds. It has no data caps, a basic television package, a storage box for data, and 1 TB of cloud storage for Google Drive. All for $120 per month before taxes and fees are applied.

And if that weren’t enough to attract potential customers, Google throws in a Nexus 7 just for good measure. The Nexus 7 acts as “Your new remote” thanks to a Fiber app that lets users discover and search for what’s on television. The tablet also makes it possible to watch video when moving into other rooms of your house. Start watching on TV and then switch to the Nexus 7 if you need to go into the kitchen or bathroom and don’t want to miss a moment. (Fiber will also work with an app downloadable to phones and other tablets.)

The benefits to Google Fiber look appealing, but you’ll have to be in Kansas City (Kansas or Missouri) in order to reap those benefits. Google is focused on building its network in that area for now, but it has a sign-up page where users in other areas of the U.S. can request to be notified if the company decides to expand in that area. I’d recommend signing-up if you want Fiber in your town because higher demand increases chances that Google will expand to that area and invest the money it takes.

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