Verizon unveils “Share Everything Plans” – unlimited calling & texting with shared data starting at $50 per month

June 12, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Verizon has officially unveiled its Share Everything Plans that enable customers to have multiple devices sharing the same data limit. The company has been hinting for months that it would take this course, and the details are now finally official.

Share Everything Plans provide a way for someone with a phone or tablet, or multiple phones and modems/netbooks, to pay one monthly bill for as much data that they need. The person selects a smartphone, starting at $40 per month, and then adds whatever tier of data they need. That could be as little as $50 for 1 GB or $100 for 10 GB. A new smartphone can be added to the account for $40 or a tablet for $10, and all devices on the account will continue to use data from the shared pool. So if John uses only 1 GB a month of data but Mary uses 4, the couple can share a 6 GB plan and give Mary a chance to increase her usage.

The economics of Verizon’s shared plans may not work for everyone. The ability to get unlimited calling and texting is great, but for someone mainly concerned with data, especially those who are grandfathered in to unlimited plans, it might be best to just stick with what you have.

Verizon has a calculation tool to help users estimate what kind of plan they should use. I currently pay about $69 before fees for 450 minutes and 4 GB of data. Instead of adding someone on a similar plan, I could sign-up for a Share Everything Plan to get unlimited calling and texting, and 6GB of shared data for $160 per month. And instead of getting a costly contract for my tablet, I could just pay an additional $10 per month. Learn more about what plan is right for you here.

Here’s a chart showing the tiers for Share Everything Plan costs.