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Stitcher Smart Radio adds personalized station recommendation and lock screen album art

June 20, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Stitcher Smart Radio has pushed another update to its popular radio, podcast, and news application. Following up on the recent introduction of topic hubs and smart tagging, the app has redesigned to be more functional and visually flattering.

A new Sitcher Smart Station helps listeners discover which talk radio stations they should listen to based on their current subscriptions and likes. Someone who listens to a lot of political shows would then get recommendations for shows of the same ilk. It’s like a Pandora for talk radio because Stitcher can analyze “tens of millions of listening hours” and improve Smart Station to tailor suggestions very relevant to the user.

“Our goal is to make talk radio more accessible than ever, and listeners are responding,” Noah Shanok, CEO of Stitcher, said in a statement. “Since our launch of the Stitcher Election Center in May, we’ve seen an increase in listening by an average of an hour per month. We’re hoping Stitcher Smart Station gives listeners just as much, if not more, access to new, relevant content within the app.”

Users will also be happy to know that they can see a show’s album art placed on the lock screen. Another feature that is coming soon, but not yet available on Android, is a sleep timer that will shut down the playback when you fall asleep. I’m not sure talk radio is the best background noise as you try to nod off, but this is Stitcher’s most requested feature, so somebody must want it.

[Download Stitcher SmartRadio in Google Play]

UPDATE: This post originally said that Stitcher had a sleep clock built into the application. That feature is actually not yet available on Android but is coming soon.