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Plume adds limited Facebook account support, Instagram and Flickr previews

June 20, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Everyone’s favorite Android Twitter app – well, at least my favorite – is no longer just a Twitter app. Plume has been updated today to offer limited support for Facebook.

Plume developer Ludovic Vialle stated to us in a previous interview that he fully expected to take Plume beyond Twitter, and that’s what you’ll will find in version 4.0 of the app. When users go to the Settings menu to add a new account, there’s now an option to link with Facebook. Afterward, there will be a dedicated tab for Facebook.

The Facebook view is treated the same as Twitter is in Plume, only it has more text displayed because it doesn’t have as short a character limit. Users can post status updates to Facebook (or cross-post with their Twitter accounts), view their FB timeline, Like an update, and access basic profile views. The only trouble is that when friends post using a Facebook App like 21 Questions or Cityville, Plume doesn’t display it properly. Instead, you just see a long link that you can tap to open in the browser. Another issue is that you can post comments, but you cannot see them – even your own – yet.

The Plume Facebook features aren’t on par with dedicated Facebook apps and feel like an early beta, but they are effective for the most basic kind of timeline following. It’s a nice touch for what might become a unified social networking app, and there are a few other changes worth downloading now.

  • Support for regional trends
  • Instagram and Flickr pictures preview within the app
  • Share profiles via NFC
  • Jump to the top of timeline from menu (removed feature that has been put back in)
  • UI color modification
  • Faster profile loading
  • Various bug fixes

[Download Plume from Google Play]