misHaps shows important contact info if a phone is lost or you become incapacitated [App Reviews]

June 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 1.0.3

Pros: Displays emergency contact or owner info on phone lock screen

Cons: Designed for standard lock screen and may not work with third-party alternatives, may not be necessary if you have ICS already

One of most underrated features in Android 3.0+ is the ability to put a message on the lock screen. It’s a great way to have the security of the lock screen but still have a way to let someone who finds the phone return it to the owner. misHaps offers that same feature for Android 2.2+, and does it in an elegant manner that includes emergency contact info.

The name “misHaps” is fitting because the app can create custom contact information to place on a lock screen when there’s a sticky situation. Should someone lose their phone, misHaps can put a message telling others how to return it through email or a secondary phone number. Because the info is displayed on the lock screen, an honest Samaritan could track down the owner without having to circumvent the lock screen security.

misHaps may also prove convenient in an emergency situation. The app has a setting that shows a secondary screen aside from who to contact if your phone is lost, so users have the option of putting in emergency contact info. You can list the name and number of a spouse or close parent, as well as any important medical info like allergies or blood type. First responders and hospital caregivers will then know who to contact and how to treat you.

misHaps increases the chance of having a lost phone returned to its owner, as well as a clever way of providing clues in an emergency situation. The app is also smart enough to trigger a delay so it doesn’t interfere with your standard unlock process. misHaps can be set to only display contact info if the screen is not unlocked within 1 to 60 seconds (user defined). I’d recommend keeping it at 2 seconds so it will appear quickly if someone other than the owner doesn’t immediately enter the correct code.

Available in Google Play for $0.99 USD, misHaps is a low cost way to get peace of mind.

Note: To add owner info using the default Android settings, go to Settings > Security > Owner info.