Android Apps Android app adding 7-inch tablet view, Holo style design for phones to follow later

June 29, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka


mint, the personal finance website and app for monitoring your many accounts, will soon add some design changes on both phones and certain tablets form factors.

At the Google I/O 2012 Developer Conference, Mint was on-hand to showcase an upcoming change that will make the app better formatted for Android tablets with 7-inch screens. We’ve already seen Mint introduce a tablet app that can display accounts on a large screen, but the app will soon have a different view geared specifically for 7-inch screens like the upcoming Nexus 7. That version will have the same standard Mint features – link with your credit, debit, and loan accounts to have account balances and detailed reports on your personal finances – but it will be formatted to look better.

Mint is also in the process of changing its app built for phones. At the moment, the Mint phone app has a simple interface that one might argue looks like it was made for another operating system of a fruit persuasion. This hasn’t particularly bothered me since the app has looked that way from its inception, but I know there are a number of people who want developers to follow Android design conventions introduced in Android 4.0. That’s exactly what the next version of Mint will offer. An update that does not yet have a release date will introduce a top navigation bar, flatter surfaces, and new colors to better fall in line with Holo.

The 7-inch version of Mint should be ready by mid July when the Google Nexus 7 officially launches. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at what it looks like.