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Google TV expanding into new countries with Sony set-top box launching July 22

June 25, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


When Google TV was first announced at I/O 2010, Google and its launch partners said that it would launch in the U.S. only, but international availability would happen the following year. It actually took two years, but Google TV is finally expanding beyond the U.S. borders.

Sony announced today that it will launch its “next generation set-top box with Google TV” on July 22, priced at $199. Sony also announced that it is already accepting pre-orders for the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player, a Google TV set-top box, as it prepares to launch in the United Kingdom next month. Pre-orders have an expected ship date of July 9, 2012 according to this Sony Store product listing.

Britons will be among the first people outside of the United States to gain official GTV support. Sony will then launch the Internet Player in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico.

A $299 Blu-Ray player with integrated Google TV features, the NSZ-GP9, will also be launched this holiday season. Following its release in the United States, the GP9 will be available in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherlands.

The Sony Entertainment Suite will be available in select markets, providing options for music and video streaming options to complement the app choices offered by Google TV. (App choices will vary by market.)

Entertainment content is available through so many channels and sites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen to or play using familiar search engine technology, enhancing the viewer experience. TV will never be the same.

- Phil Molyneux, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics.

Sony was 1 of 2 launch partners for the first incarnation of Google TV, and while it didn’t report colossal disappointments like Logitech, the company did not have a runaway success either. Perhaps the second time is the charm?