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Reminder: Google I/O 2012 Keynotes stream live today [9:30 AM Pacific, 12:30 PM ET]

June 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


It’s about that time, ladies and gentlemen – Google I/O 2012! The crowd on scene will soon be massive and Google’s flagship developer event is only a few hours away from kicking off. I’m downing some tea and bagels trying to adjust to the time zone switch and looking forward to the next three days.

I’m sure you wish that you were here to witness it all first hand, but there’s a silver lining for your absence – Google is livestreaming everything online. The I/O keynote will be streamed on the web at You won’t get the benefits of being in the room and feeling the excitement of a few thousand folks geeking out at what Google has up its sleeve, but at least you’ll get to see the news as it happens.

So what exactly does Google have up its sleeve? I’ve run into a few plugged in friends who pretty much confirmed the rumors we’ve been hearing (aka the worst-kept secret this year), and announcements made in the past few days make it very clear that Google will make another go at popularizing Google TV (third times the charm, fellas). But there has to be something else; there’s always something that Google manages to keep tightly under wraps and smack us on the face with during one of these keynotes.

We may hear some loosely-Android-related news concerning Chrome OS and Google+, which I expect to be Google’s main focus today, but there will be plenty to talk about when things kick off in a few hours. Get your popcorn ready for the following times.

9:30 AM PST

12:30 PM ET

5:30 PM GMT