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Google+ Android app gets Events, tablet support, and yet another UI change – this one’s actually good, though

June 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



I know that many Android fans, present company included, weren’t the biggest fans of the Google+ user interface that changed a few weeks ago. Well, you have fewer reasons to complain because the Google+ Android app has been updated yet again, but this one is actually a good one.

First of all, there’s finally a Google+ tablet view. I won’t say anything else. Just go grab the damn thing and wonder why it took so damn long for the damn thing to get to damn tablets. Now, moving on to other matters.

The full-bleed images and dynamic media display formats remain on Google+, however it’s not so busy. The square user avatar photos have been downsized and turned to circles, making it much more appealing on your eyes. Plus and comment counts are still layered over images, but the heavy shadows have been replaced by flatter surfaces.

Changes go beyond the re-reskinning of Google+ introduced today. The app has scrolling animation that makes updates look like a chain of cards flowing up onto the screen. Some might say it’s…buttery.

There’s also Google+ Events, a new features that’s part social events calendar and part photo stream. The first portion of Events lets users invite other G+ members to an event and then respond to whether they will attend or skip. The next step comes in that everyone who attends the event and choose to post pictures can add their photos to a shared stream. It’s a pretty slick way of getting photos from multiple users and reminds me of what Samsung, Cooliris, Facebook, and many other want to do with photo sharing, but this is so far an integration that seems to have less hurdles.

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