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Songify Android app now lets you Auto-Tune your speech into music ala AutoTune the News

May 15, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Ever wanted to unleash your inner T-Pain? Now you can with Songify, a new app for Android 2.2 and higher that automatically converts speech into music.

You may be familiar with Songify as a popular iOS app endorsed by the Gregory Brothers, the musically-inclined group behind YouTube channel AutoTune the News. The app has finally crossed over to Android and is available now as a freemium app.

Songify lets users select a song as the background music and then has them record vocals. The vocals are then run through audio processing the over-corrects the pitch to give it that distinct sound. The app comes free with backing from the “Double Rainbow” song and a couple other songs, but the “k coins” virtual currency is required to get other songs like the “Bed Intruder” (hide your kids, hide your wife) or some original beats made for the app. Users can earn coins by liking Samsung on Facebook or downloading an app, or they can just purchase a package that strips the app of advertising and provides more options to upgrade the audio.

I’ve spent a few minutes playing with Songify and will be back later with my impressions of the app (and perhaps a video?) once I’ve had more time with it. I’m anxious to see how it compares to the last music app in which I embarrassed myself, MicDroid.

[Download from Google Play]