Instagram photos come alive with Canvaspop, a service that prints your pics on canvas to mount on your wall [Reviews]

May 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Instagram hit the ground running when it debuted last month, amassing more than 10 million downloads and $1 billion in the process. To celebrate the launch, partnered with CanvasPop to give Android users a chance to turn those filtered digital photos into tangible canvas prints that they can place on their wall. After a month of giveaways, we decided to check it out up close and personal.

CanvasPop agreed to send me a 12 x 12 print of an Instagram photo to review how it looks. After going through my 15 photos, I settled on an image of a local performing arts center. The original photo taken with a Samsung Infuse featured a greenish-blue tone because of reflective glass, and by the time I applied the Walden filter in Instagram, the resulting image just made me feel peaceful.

The 12 x 12 print arrived a few days later. My photo was printed smoothly on a nice canvas and surprised me. I expected the image to be blurry, grainy, or pixelated because Instagram by nature diminishes photo quality. It pretty much has to when you force a square resolution on a picture taken with a smartphone designed to share photos online. Then common sense kicks in and says, “Hey, an image meant for phones probably won’t scale that great when printed.” That’s not exactly the case. Yes, the print does look like you’re zoomed in when you’re up close, but how often will you be a foot away from something hanging on your wall? The print has clarity as long as it’s held from a distance of two feet or farther, which you will be most of the time.

An Instagram print might not be the best solution if you plan to keep the canvas in your cubicle, but it’s perfectly fine when on the wall in an office or mounted on a wall with other images. I love my current canvas, but the 12 x 12 size is too small for the living room. I decided to place it on a smaller wall in a bedroom until I can anchor it with other prints or objects. (FYI Canvaspop has a larger 20 x 20 size for Instagram prints.)

The canvas material and mounting quality were all good. A pair of plastic knobs is at the bottom to prevent scratching or unevenness, and the image bleeds nicely into the black edges. I’m pleased with the results and plan to order a couple more that will complement my current canvas.

CanvasPop prints are available starting at $39.99 plus shipping. Visit to upload your image and place an order.



here’s the original image: