Google Tasks Incredible is a gesture-based to-do list that’s like Clear for Android [Video App Reviews]

May 8, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 1.0

Pros: Simple UI that's quick to master, syncs to-do list with Google Tasks

Cons: No ability to create new group task lists within app (coming later this week)

A few months ago, a to-do list app known as Clear made iPhone fanboys drool because of its interface that was based entirely on minimalistic beauty and gestures. There was no clumsy button navigation or overly-complicated input method. You typed to add a task, dragged to signify priority, and swiped to mark a task complete. It was beautiful, ridiculously simple, and exactly what a lot of people want in a to do list app.

There’s no Clear To Do List Android app, but there is an app awfully reminiscent of it. Google Tasks Incredible holds the same values of swipes, shallow movements, and an in-and-out purpose. The Android 2.1+ app is all about quickly adding and completing tasks with as little interference as possible.

Google Tasks Incredible is a Google Tasks client, so a Gmail account is linked to the app for online sync. Adding a new task is as easy as pressing a plus button and typing. Within 3 seconds or less, that item is synched and available online or on other devices. There’s no need to add tags because Google Tasks already creates separate lists; however, you’ll have to create new list groups online because GTI only lets users switch between existing lists. (UPDATE: List creation should arrive in the next update.)

Other trappings – some might say features – found in most to do list managers are also taken away from GTI. To prioritize a list, users hold down and then drag it into the desired position. Swiping the item left deletes it from the list, and swiping right adds it to the completed list. Shaking the device will then remove all completed tasks.

Much like AnyDo, GTI thrives on simplicity. There are less options for the more complex and feature-rich apps like Astrid, TaskOs, etc., but this is clearly not the app for people who need extra organization and note options. GTI is geared for people who want a to do list manager that requires only the most basic interaction, and does so in a fluid manner. The app is available for free in Google Play, and a paid $0.99 version offers the option to change color themes.