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Google Maps adds indoor Street View and directions, grabs local Google Offers deals

May 9, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Google Maps for Android now tells you where to go even when you’re inside a building. The 6.7 update now available in Google Play provides the option for Maps users to get directions within certain facilities. So someone inside a mall can get directions to the food court from JC Penny, provided that mall has uploaded its floor plan to Google. This feature is available only to users in the United States and Japan.

In another move to provide more information in Maps, Google has brought Street View indoors. Since last year, Google has been sending photographers into volunteer businesses and taking panoramic photos of the establishment. Those photos are now available for many restaurants, comic book shops, and other businesses, allowing users to virtually navigate through these venues. This can come in handy to make sure a restaurant has the right atmosphere or to ensure that a store has the right kind of selection.

Aside from the new direction efforts, Maps now supports deals and discounts available from Google Offers. We’ve previously covered the Offers app as a useful way to find local deals, but the update in Maps narrows the field down to nearby offers rather than citywide. Users can explore within the Offers layer of Maps or set the app to notify them whenever they are in the area of a valid deal. Google Offers is currently available only in the United States, so only U.S. consumers will be able to take advantage of the deal.

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