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Flipboard coming to Android as a temporary Galaxy S III exclusive, Google Currents and Pulse prepare for challenge

May 3, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



The incredibly successful iPad and iPhone app Flipboard is finally coming to Android. Sadly, you’ll have to own a Samsung Galaxy S III in order to enjoy its debut.

At the Samsung Galaxy S III launch in London today, the Flipboard app was available to show its Android intentions. According to a Samsung rep who spoke with Android Commnity, the app will be available only for the Galaxy S III for a limited window and eventually appear on other devices capable of running it.

Flipboard has created a sign-up page that users can visit to request a notification when the app finally arrives for general consumption. It’s an official sign that we should be seeing the app soon, though there’s no date on exactly when the Samsung exclusive period ends.

Flipboard on Android appears to carry over the virtues of its iOS version. Flipboard acts as a social news reader that imports articles from the user’s favorite websites/RSS feeds, and links shared by their friends on Twitter or Facebook. If that sounds familiar to what you already get from Google Currents, Pulse, Taptu, and insert app name here, that’s because these are all competitors in the same space. The difference is that Flipboard tends to do it in a way that’s a little more stylish. It’s like a personalized news reader with a few more social chops.

In the meantime, head to Android Community to see how fluid the app works in a very brief hands-on video. Keep an eye out for the widget, too.

via Android Community