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Facebook for Android being updated to include larger photos in timeline and bigger album previews

May 14, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Facebook is heading towards a multibillion dollar IPO this week, so the company is putting its best foot forward. We already know that Facebook is going to introduce ads soon, but first it’s introducing a slightly better design for its mobile website and apps, a huge source of traffic.

The Facebook for Android app will soon be updated to feature some improvements and user interface changes. The most noticeable tweak will be that images will be larger and take up the entire screen in the timeline. Rather than just show a thumbnail that has to be tapped, the entire image will appear – similar to how it already does when viewing on someone’s profile page. The size difference can be up to three times larger and fill a mobile screen “from edge to edge” according to a Facebook post. The change is rolling out today to the mobile website and the Facebook for Android app.

Today’s update adds to the improvements made last week. Facebook removed the multiple icons it had in the app drawer, slightly refined the navigation, and introduced “bug fixes and performance,” which is kind of redundant considering that the change log always has the phrase yet never seems to actually fix or improve anything.

My Facebook Android activities have wholly been replaced by Friendcaster, so I haven’t paid much attention to the official Facebook for Android app since last month. I used the version released last week and did find the app to be slightly faster than I remember. One can only hope that continues when the newer app is released.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Google Play page to see when the new version is available.