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Draw Something numbers nosedive. Has it been erased from your app drawer? [POLL]

May 2, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Draw Something‘s meteoric rise was nothing short of amazing. The Pictionary-copying game got rave reviews and managed more than 20 million downloads within five weeks of its February debut, which eventually led to Zynga acquiring its developer OMGPop.

But alas, even meteors fall, and so is Draw Something. The Atlantic, citing data gathered by AppData, claims that the number of people who use Draw Something through Facebook’s connect has dropped – down to 10.4 million from 14.3 million.

That’s not a total representation of the number of people who use Draw Something, just the number who use Facebook’s popular authorization process to avoid setting up another account. Still, a daily active user (DAU) drop of nearly 5 million in one month is cause for concern.

So what did Draw Something in? The Zynga acquisition, lack of critical feature updates, or was it just that spring time made it nice enough to go outside and do other things? Or maybe, the novelty just wore off. It’s possible that a sizable chunk of Draw Something’s users are like me: they heard about the app from friends, downloaded it to try it out, had some fun for a few days, and then walked away forgetting that it was even there. It’s probably not a problem of Draw Something losing users, but Draw Something failing to retain people brought in by hype rather than a genuine interest in the app.

Draw Something was a fun game because it reminded so many people of Pictionary and it was collaborative rather than competitive. However, problems with the set-up chipped away at the fun the app provided and Zynga is paying for that now. (Scott Webster of AndroidGuys, who draws a mean Raekwon, summed up the problems with Draw Something well here.) But it wouldn’t surprise me if things level off or even rise in a few months as Draw Something works to address its flaws.

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