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bump now wirelessly transfers photos between phones and computers

May 24, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



When it comes to getting photos from your phone to your computer, there are a variety of options. There’s mounting the phone to the computer, sending an email, or syncing with a program like Dropbox or Google+ for a wireless solution. But Android’s greatest strength is choice, and bump has added another option.

Bump, already known for wirelessly transferring contact information and files between phones, now allows users to wirelessly bump photos from their phones to their computers. The way it works is that someone with bump visits and enables location data. After launching the Android app, users select which photos they wish to send and then tap the space bar on their computer’s keyboard.

The photos start magically transferring into the browser window, where users have five options:

  • Browse through the photos to see how they look on a larger screen, and remove those they find least desirable
  • Save individual images to the desktop by clicking the download button
  • Download all of the photos stored in a .zip archive file
  • Get a link they can send to friends and family to share the images
  • Share the photos to Facebook

All of these are features that can already been done in other ways, and in some cases more easily, so what’s the advantage of this new feature? I’d say instant access would probably be the most likely. At the moment, I don’t have a USB cable to mount for normal file transfer, so bump serves as a capable alternative. Should I need to open images in Photoshop or share on Facebook/Google+ using their desktop options, this is a better option than relying on mobile.

Download the app for Google Play if you’d like to give it a try.