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Plume Twitter app switches to ICS design and adds new features

April 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Last month in an interview with LevelUp Studio founder Ludovic Vialle, we revealed that his popular Twitter app Plume would be switching to an Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired design. The latest update to the app provides that tweaked user interface and a bit more.

Plume has been changed to a new interface “more inline with ICS.” The bottom navigation bar has been removed in favor of a new top-heavy action bar. Users can still refresh their timeline, post to Twitter, and search, but the format has been changed to better reflect the way that ICS apps should look. Plume also has a four-column view that can be swiped horizontally to go to the Home screen (Search, Favorites, Trends, Lists, Columns), Timeline, Messages, and DM’s. The app can even customize which columns appear, change the order, and add saved searches.

A few other worthy changes have been added to Plume. now handles the long-winded tweets if Twitlonger isn’t your speed. is now supported for uploading photos, and images may be resized if network performance requires it.

I’ve always been partial to Plume’s beautiful design and have been using the beta app for a few weeks. It’s taken some time to get use to the changes, and I still am, but it’s getting easier. Quick tip for people searching for the Jump to Top feature, simply tap on the column label and you’ll go to the latest tweet. Download Plume from Google Play and let us know what you think.