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Google TV updates TV & Movies app to support favorites and trending

April 18, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google TV’s recent design went a long way in improving the platform’s visual appeal and usefulness, but there’s still room for improvement. Google is doing that by improving the TV & Movies app for live television and on-demand viewing options.

TV & Movies is Google TV’s built-in dashboard for discovering what’s on TV and which interesting movies are available in the streaming options available on Google TV (Amazon, HBO Go, Netflix, etc.). Now, the app removes some of the guesswork by showing a trending section and adding more episode or live broadcast info to the listings. When linked with a Google TV account, the app offers recommendations based on your viewing and ratings of shows.

Aside from the already useful method of browsing according to a category, users can see favorites. Google now includes a Favorites channels that viewers can use to quickly browse listings on their most watched channels. Despite having hundreds of channels, I spend most of my time watching less than a dozen. So with Favorites, I have a pre-filtered look at the programming on ABC, A&E, AMC, NBC, ESPN, and HGTV (yes, I watch HGTV).

As always, my Logitech Revue is slow to update so I’m unable to take the new version of the app for a spin. However, Google says the update will roll-out automatically to users starting today.

If you’re in the mood for a great new show to watch, check out the new Trending This Week shelf in Shows. These shows are trending on the web based on what we’re seeing in Google Search, and it’s updated every day so you never miss out.