Frostwire updates torrent search app to support gestures for music playback controls

April 20, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Frostwire is known for enabling music and file sharing through torrents, which naturally leads to questions about its legality and tool as a way to spread piracy. I’ll leave those murky issues to the lawyers and regulators and operate under the assumption that any of you using the service are doing so honestly.

Another thing you might want to try doing honestly is driving; thanks to newest version of Frostwire, you can do that without having to constantly look at your phone to control music. Frostwire now supports gesture recognition for performing common functions. Swiping left will start a song over, right will skip to the next track, and up or down will pause or play a song again.

The new gestures worked fine for me while I was driving around the city last night, but I did experience some stuttering issues when starting initial playback on my Galaxy Nexus. Force closing the app and starting over fixed that. I also ran into issue when playing locally-stored music. Despite filtering to a Givers album, Frostwire kept bringing up songs from Betty Wright. The app sometimes botches tag info, so be prepared to have eclectic tastes.

Frostwire also allows users to stream music from their phone to their desktop once a users installs the Frostwire client on both platforms. Downloads are possible on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi, and the app is free. Download it from Google Play if you have Android 2.1 or higher.