Android News Android Census 2011 Results: Phones

April 10, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



In December 2011, we asked readers to share some information about their views and habits as Android users. We wanted to not only get a glimpse of Android users’ activity, but also take stock of how they came to Android and what they hope to happen going forward. Thus, the Android Census was born.

More than 800 readers answered an informal survey sharing their thoughts and background information. There were a few hiccups and it consumed a great deal of my pre-CES prep time, but it was well worth it to better understand our readers. It was also great to be able to reward five participants with Android tablets donated by the good folks at NVIDIA Tegra and Zen Studios, makers of Zen Pinball THD.

Below are the results of the Census. Please keep in mind that we are making no claims that these results of indicative of Android users as a whole. This is simply what happens when you get 800 people to take a few minutes to talk Android and fill out a survey. With that said, here’s a report that perfectly, accurately represents all Android users everywhere (kidding, kidding!)


Android is often pegged as skewering more towards the male side, and our results perpetuated that view – a lot. About 91 percent of users were male, 97 percent are under the age of 45, and 73 percent reported that they live in the United States. The United Kingdom and continental Europe combined to represent the second most popular region at 14 percent. You can see an image detailing the demographics here.

Most users had some were familiar with smartphones, evidenced by only 15 percent reporting that Android is the first smartphone operating system that they have ever used. Respondents were allowed to choose more than one OS that they’ve used previously, and there was an even distribution of experience between the major platforms. Not surprisingly, users were early adopters who upgraded their phones multiple times between October 2008 and December 2011.

Below are a few more results. Click on each image to expand to a larger view.


Who’s the king of Android: HTC? Samsung? Motorola? Well, one look at the charts makes that answer fairly obvious.

It’s also clear what users want: specs. People who participated in this survey were predominantly early adopters, so that wasn’t very surprising. Nor was it a shock that these Android users who love their phones are also vocal champions of Android.


When you ask a bunch of experienced, advocating, and tech-loving gadget fiends what they do on their Android phones, this is what they’ll tell you:

Read the tablet version of these results here.