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Adobe Reader for Android adds annotations, comments, sticky notes, links, and signatures

April 10, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



If you’ve ever needed to sign a PDF document and been disappointed because you couldn’t get to a desktop or print it out to send back to someone, you can keep the party…or workflow going with the latest version of Adobe Reader. Adobe has updated its Android app to support input in a variety of ways, including signatures.

Adobe Reader 10.2 goes all-out when it comes to adding on to a PDF file. Users can now sign a document with Ink Signature by pressing on the commenting toolbar. It then saves to your signature to the document and enables sending to the updated file to someone else. Users can also send documents for others to sign through Adobe EchoSign.

Aside from adding your John Hancock, Adobe now supports filling-out PDF forms. Someone can use their device keyboard to input text like on a tax form or questionnaire. As someone who often has to do this for non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) and review unit requests, I’m very pleased to have these two new features on my phone or tablet.

Other new Adobe Reader features include:

Sticky Notes - On document pages, users can create a manilla sticky note that floats on top and contains comments. Notes can then be deleted or moved to another page.

Text Markups – Need to highlight, underline, or strikethrough text in a document? Done. This will go great for users looking to revise or study text.

Free hand drawing - A new tool allows users to circle objects, add text, or do whatever else they want by scribbling on a document.

PDF Links – Documents can link to other pages or portions, as well as link to the web. Links have a light blue background.

Document Security - All of the previously mentioned features (except PDF links) can be blocked if a document creator so chooses. If a creator choses to prevent commenting, Adobe Reader will not allow it.

Search & Thumbnails – Quickly locate a document by searching for its name. When browsing the Recently Viewed list, thumbnails will appear.

Email – Attachments opened from the email app are now saved directly to the device.

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