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Woopra launches web analytics app for Android, helps your business stay connected to the public

March 14, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Even though Google Analytics is clearly the most popular web analytics service and will most likely stay that way for much time to come, there is another similar service that has gained quite a momentum in the past few years.

I’m talking about Woopra, a web analytics and customer engagement tool offered by the company with the same name, which finally debuts today as an Android app.

Even though it’s not free, Woopra is a business app to look for, as it offers all the statistics a webmaster might need in real time. And when they say real time, they’re not just using a marketing gimmick, because you can actually check out everything your website’s readers do at the time they are doing it.

There are basically four important Woopra features, called ‘’Live Dashboard’’, ‘’Push Notifications’’, ‘’Segmented Reports’’ and ‘’Live Chat’’. The first displays a real-time snapshot of your entire website, providing a general view on how many visitors there are on the site, where they are coming from and their activity.

The second function is probably the most exciting and appealing one, as it allows you to receive notifications on important events happening on your website. For example, you will be informed immediately after a visitor has encountered an error message or after you have made an important sale of, say, 100 or 1,000 dollars.

With ‘’segmented reports’’, you can get specific reports for parts of visitors so as to analyze different people’s behaviors in real-time. Finally, the ‘’Live Chat’’ function allows you to provide chat support to visitors, both inbound and outbound.

As I already mentioned (a couple of times), Woopra’s biggest ace up its sleeve is the real time aspect of pretty much all their features and functions and now, not only you will have access to real time statistics, but you will also be able to access them everywhere directly on your mobile phone.

The Woopra Android app should be made available on Google Play today and the pricing structure starts at 11.95 dollars/month for small and medium size business packages. I know, it’s not exactly cheap, but the tool is extremely useful and very comprehensive.