TED official Android app delivers TED Talk videos and audio for free

March 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 1.0

Pros: View or listen to more than 1,200 TED Talks in a well designed phone and tablet app


TED is a series of conferences in which thought leaders, business executives, and other “remarkable people” give speeches focused on solving problems or sharing insight.

The official TED Android app is available now for phones and tablets running Android 2.1 or higher. Offering an archive of more than 1,200 talks, TED covers a wide variety of issues organized according to themes or tags. There are talks on how to create more green technology, empower women, improve conditions in Africa, and find better ways to educate young people. Most “big idea” issues you can think of have probably been discussed in a TED Talk, and more speeches are added to growing archives each week.

TED has a design closely resembling the YouTube app for phones and tablets. There are large thumbnails in the featured section, a clean Ice Cream Sandwich style format, and lots of white and red in the design. The app looks good and navigates better with quick access to share videos to other apps, bookmark into the My Talks section, or download audio or video of each talk for offline access. You can also see a Related tab for more talks covering similar issues.

Considering that a TED pass and associated costs of attending a conference can cost a hefty sum, it’s good to be able to access all of these videos within an Android app ( also shows them for free). The whole point of TED is to discuss ways to improve the world, so sharing these ideas with as many people as possible makes sense. Download the free app now and dig through the archives.