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Rumor: HTC One S to launch at T-Mobile on April 22

March 29, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Just a couple of hours after having been confirmed as hitting Europe next week, the HTC One S finally has a US release date attached to its name as well.

Even though it’s far from official, it’s nice to see rumors, leaks and speculations piling up on the One S’ American launch, because usually this means one thing and one thing only. The device is in fact closing in on its release and will be launched in no time.

Getting back to the supposed release date leaked just now by the guys at tmonews, that looks a bit suspicious, to say the least. According to what looks like an internal image, the smartphone might hit T-Mobile’s shelves on April 22nd, which for me personally is pretty hard to believe.

Why is that? Well, first of all, April 22nd is almost three weeks away from the handheld’s official European release date. It’s true that it isn’t unusual for smartphones to be launched in Europe first and a while later in the US, but in this particular case we are talking about HTC’s flagship device (at least for the time being), so three weeks seems like a lot.

Secondly, April 22nd is a Monday and T-Mobile doesn’t usually release devices on Mondays. Heck, pretty much nobody in this business does anything on Mondays, because, let’s face it, everybody hates beginning of the weeks.

So, we have two solid reasons (or at least I guess they’re solid) to think that the HTC One S will not be coming our way at the date revealed by tmonews. Which is why many of you might ask why did I bother reporting the rumor in the first place.

Well, it’s pretty simple and I said it before. When rumors and speculations pile up like they do in this case and when the European release has already been officially announced, it’s pretty clear that the device in question will be hitting America very, very soon. Should it be April 10th, 15th, 22nd or 29th, I think it’s less important. What’s important is that it’s coming and you should prepare yourselves accordingly.